PLAN A TRIP Team Policies
General Information, Expectations, Policies, Terms and Conditions PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Thank you for your interest in the Street Reach Ministries! We are now enlisting mission teams for Spring and Summer 2015. All weeks for Spring and Summer 2015 are available. We will begin our Spring Session during the week of March 1 and our final week will begin on April 19. The Summer Session will begin May 31 and end on July 31. The greatest advantage at Street Reach for your consideration when choosing a site for your mission project is the cost of the week will be all-inclusive. This document explains the general information of the program, what to expect and plan for, our policies, and terms and conditions. The cost per person for SPRING SESSION - $205.00 and SUMMER SESSION - $255.00 plus the SIGNED Application and a nonrefundable team application fee of $100.00. If you have any questions about the expectations, policies, or terms and conditions in this document, please contact the Street Reach Admin offices.

3275 Rosamond Ave.
YOUR FEES WILL ALLOW US TO MINISTER TO THE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES OF OUR COMMUNITY LONG AFTER YOUR MISSION WEEK(S) ARE COMPLETED! STREET REACH PROVIDES • Housing for your team: Teams will have dorm style facilities; bunks with mattresses (need to bring pillow, linens and towels). Our housing facility has restrooms with showers, a gymnasium, meeting rooms but does not have kitchen facilities! • Food for your team (includes arrival pizza dinner on Sunday evening, light breakfast foods each morning (i.e.: cereal, toast, pastries, milk, oj, coffee), light lunches (i.e.: sandwiches, chips, snacks, drinks, desserts), and catered evening dinners (i.e.: hot, full-course meals on three weekday nights). • Supplies for all community service projects your team may be assigned to accomplish. • Curriculum for the site bible clubs, complete with curriculum and craft ideas. • Pre-Project Orientation Day, on-site, for you and your staff (you provide transportation and lodging, if needed) The Pre-project date is tentatively set for Saturday, April 11, 2015. NOTE: There is NO pre-project orientation for the spring session. • Street Reach staff site missionaries* (student summer missionaries) will coordinate each mission site (i.e., Bible clubs, sports camps, light construction projects, community service projects). NOTE: Staff site missionaries may be limited during spring program or may only be available for summer program. • Sunday night orientation to be led by staff director to acquaint your team members with rules and regulations, area customs and taboos, curriculum, music, and daily itineraries. • Evening worship, praise & share times* led by the staff missionaries. • Wednesday night no scheduled activities to allow teams to plan their own activities. • A video presentation of your week at Street Reach (still photos taken by our staff at each site during the week. *may only be available for summer program- ask Director for availability TEAM LEADER PROVIDES • Spiritual preparation of your team. • Summer Teams Only: participation in the pre-project orientation day by you and/or your staff. Pre-Project orientation is currently set for Saturday, April 11, 2015 and is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR FIRST TIME TEAMS! If you cannot get at least one of your leaders to Memphis, we can offer for one of our staff to travel to your location for a Pre-project Orientation session with your leaders but please budget expenses to pay. • Authority, leadership, and responsibility at all times over each member of your team. • Submission of a signed 2015 Team Application and team deposit to secure your mission week(s). Teams will be guaranteed space on a first-come first-served basis only with their signed 2015 Team Application and a $100 non-refundable team application fee. • Participant fees must be received at Street Reach before March 1, 2015 for Spring Trip or May 1, 2015 for Summer Trip. • Transportation of all team members to and from Memphis and local mission sites where your members are participating. • Team cooler for your team to use at the Bible Club site. • Work gloves and protective eye wear for your team to utilize during afternoon yard detail. • First aid kit in the event that one of your participants needs minor medical attention or over the counter medication. • One evening meal for your team during the week, you will be having one night off (Wednesday evening) for a group outing. • Equipment and supplies for any games or music that your team would like to provide for the Bible Club participants. • Provide crafts for each bible club site that you run. We can provide craft ideas and a supply list if needed. POLICIES Registration A $100 application fee is due at registration for spring or summer program. Curriculum and information will be sent to team leader upon receipt of app fee. SPRING: 
February 1 $50.00 Participant Deposits DUE*
March 1 $205.00 Balance DUE** *The number we have on record for registration is the participation count that you will be billed for on February 1. After this date team sizes cannot be reduce without penalty. **Cancellation penalties will apply. Cancellation of team participation after March 1 will result in a total fee balance being assessed to your team. 
March 1 Minimum number of participants due (you can ADD at any time)*
April 1 $50.00 Participant Deposits DUE
May 1 $255.00 Balance Due
June 1 Reservations Locked** *The number we have on record is the participation count that you will be billed for on March 1. After this date team sizes cannot be reduce without penalty. **Cancellation penalties will apply. Cancellation of team participation after June 1 will result in a total fee balance being assessed to your team. 
 If more time is needed, we can help! Please communicate needs with Street Reach Admin offices and we will be glad to assist in any way. PLEASE NOTE: Street Reach is unable to accommodate children accompanying teams under the age of 5. 
 Housing • Street Reach dorm “check in” will take place on Sunday afternoon between the times of 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm ONLY. All teams will be required to participate in Sunday evening Street Reach Orientation. Saturday dorm “check in” may be approved. Saturday “check in” is only during the hours of 8:00-9:00 pm and requires an early check in fee of $200.00. Sunday breakfast is not included. • Teams choosing to “opt out” of Wed afternoon projects must be out of the buildings by 3:00 pm in order to provide time for facility cleaning. The dorm facility opens back up at 8:00 pm. All teams are expected back by 10:00 pm. • The housing facility is not open on Friday evenings from the hours of 3:00-8:00 pm. Teams wishing to stay over through Sat morning are encouraged to plan an activity off campus during that time. The housing facility closes for re-entry at 9:30 pm. Campus lights out is at 9:30 on Friday and Saturday evenings. Holiday evenings (The weekend for the 4th of July) is not available for stay-over or early check-in. • Teams participating in the Street Reach program are responsible for damages occurred to their assigned living areas during their stay. If damages occur, the sponsoring church will be sent an estimate and documentation of the cost of the repair in order to reimburse for damages.
 Meals • Street Reach is UNABLE to accommodate for food allergies. If a participant presents with food allergies, that student and their diet needs, are the sole responsibility of their youth minister. A team fridge and directions to a Whole Foods store can be provided for teams to purchase their own supplies.
 Programing • Street Reach provides coolers for the children to use during the day unless you choose to provide children water. In the event you choose to not use SR staff to provide water, you will need to plan to bring 1-2 extra coolers and cups for the Bible Club. • Street Reach does not provide tarps for Bible Club Sites. If you think that you would like to use tarps at Bible Club you may want to bring a few with you when you come. • We ask you to provide crafts for each bible club site that you run. We can provide craft ideas and a supply list if needed. We also ask that you bring equipment to use for games and fun activities at the Bible Club Site (balls, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, bubbles etc.) • We ask that you provide any equipment that you may need for your club site. We can provide a list of equipment that can be helpful. Many of the equipment you may need you can utilize for your games and recreation station as well.
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