"And you will be the restorer of the streets"
Isaiah 58:12
Who is Street Reach? Street Reach is a ministry of a small inner city church in Memphis, TN. By hosting mission teams, Street Reach strives to meet the needs of the community and love them the way Jesus Christ loves us. + LEARN MORE
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The Experience
Street Reach strives to provide a structured approach to missions where community members, children, and mission team members come together to worship. Street Reach utilizes mission teams to reclaim our community by providing Bible Day Camps for children along with serving the community with various in-kind ministry opportunities in North Memphis. + LEARN MORE
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Plan A Trip We provide a truly urban cross cultural short term mission experience with long term opportunities for Christian mission groups, challenging them to grow spiritually by ministering to inner city families with hands-on love and compassion. + START PLANNING
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How to Get Involved
The staff of Street Reach Ministries, along with the congregation of Brinkley Heights, strongly feel that YOU are an answer to prayer. Learn more about how you can help reclaim this community for Christ. + ANSWER THE CALL
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